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29 September 2020

Advocating for the FGM law

On 28-29 September, UNFPA and the Ministry of Women and Family, with the support of the EU, organized a workshop for the enforcement of laws governing FGM. The workshop brought together members of... Read more

26 August 2020

Enhancing the national GBV response

On 26 August, UNFPA and the Ministry of Women and Family, with support from the European Union, organized a workshop to establish a national governance system for the GBV response. The workshop... Read more

19 August 2020

Training on the ESP for women and girls subject to violence

On 19 August, UNFPA, in collaboration with the Ministry of Women and Family and with financial support from the European Union. organized a workshop on the implementation of the Essential Services... Read more

2 August 2020

Empowering women and young people living with disabilities

UNFPA in partnership with the National Agency for People with Disabilities (ANPH) organized a training workshop on gender-based violence and reproductive rights on 2-6 August. 32 participants joined... Read more

9 July 2020

Unleashing the power of youth to end FGM

UNFPA launched a new concept called 'Coffe Talk Show' on Web-TV On the occasion of the launch of the SWOP, the first version focused on harmful practices and young people. Hosted in collaboration... Read more

25 June 2020

New hotline for GBV services

UNFPA in collaboration with the Ministry of Women and the Family and the National Union of Women (UNFD) have set up an orientation and care circuit for victims of gender-based violence, including FGM... Read more

16 June 2020

Assessing the needs of GBV survivors

UNFPA, in partnership with UNHCR, established a working group responsible for managing GBV services, including FGM. The group will assess the needs of GBV and FGM survivors for care services in... Read more

4 June 2020

Ensuring access to RH services during COVID-19

UNFPA and the Ministry of Health identified a referral mechanism for pregnant women healthcare during the COVID-19 outbreak to ensure that RH services are integrated into the response to the pandemic... Read more

21 May 2020

Partnership with researchers to analyze the impact of COVID-19 on gender relations

UNFPA collaborated with the IRICA research center and the DERE Think Thank to reflect on the impact of the COVID19 crisis on women in the context of Djibouti. Broadcast via a Web TV, the program,... Read more

19 May 2020

Collaboration with a reference hospital for the reorganization of the care activity within the maternity unit amidst COVID-19

UNFPA, in collaboration with a team from the Directorate of Mother and Child Health, has developed an approach that enables pregnant women and newborns to be guided. The objective of the intervention... Read more